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The Legend of Heroes V: Cagesong of the Ocean (英雄伝説V 海の檻歌), released in North America as The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean, is a role-playing game developed and published by Nihon Falcom for Windows in 1999, and the final installment in the Gagharv trilogy. Bandai's remake for PSP remake was released in North America in 2007 as the third title of the Gagharv Trilogy. Chronologically, it is the second chapter.


Long forgotten...

....are the days before the land was cloven by Gagharv...

When the three worlds existed as one...

The crack in the earth is the scar of our sins...

How long have we been living in guilt...?

Hundreds of years ago...

It is said the "Water Tribe" lived by the sea before disappearing without a trace.

Legends say that they used melodies to convert sound into energy, building a civilization that thrived beyond our wildest dreams.

Perfect, pure, all-powerful melodies...

However, the tales told little more, so they were but one among many myths of the distant past...

But then, a rumor began spreading among those in the musical trade that one great musician had revived the ancient melodies.

The musician's name was Leone Friedrich Richter. He was known across the world as a celebrated performer and a young musical prodigy.

However, even fifty years later, the truth of the rumor was never determined, and for most it was but a distant memory...

In those days, there were many troubadours.

Most of them were cheerful and erudite, seeking a greater duty beyond simple musical comforts. Their travels often took them throughout the world.

This is the story of a troupe of such troubadours.




Cagesong of the Ocean takes place on the continent of Weltluna - one of three continents separated by the Gagharv.

Battle System[]

The PSP version of Cagesong of the Ocean uses a similar battle system to its predecessors. Combat is turn-based, with the player giving each party member commands at the start of each turn. Party members can perform a number of actions during their turn, including attacking, using magic, using skills, using items, switching with another party member, or attempting to flee the battle. Magic is cast by Forte, Una, and McBain by equipping them with Resonance Stones, each of which grants different spells and stat boosts. Other party members either know several spells innately or are unable to cast any magic. Skills are unique to each party member and include attacks, buffs, debuffs, and healing spells.

Finishing Moves[]

Each party member has a power meter that fills up as they deal and receive damage in combat. Once their power meter reaches 100%, the party member can use a Finishing Move - a powerful attack that deals heavy damage to the target(s) or provides some other beneficial effect in combat. In the PSP version, a Finishing Move is used by selecting a party member with the D-pad while a turn is playing out and pressing either Circle or Square. This will interrupt the flow of combat and replace a single combatant's action with the Finishing Move. Such a tactic may be utilized to defeat certain enemies before they have a chance to attack the player's party.


At some point in the story, the player will unlock the ability to combine multiple Resonance Spells into what are called Ensembles. In the PSP version, these are performed by having two party members target the same enemy - each using one of the two spells necessary to form an Ensemble. Ensembles deal heavy damage to the target and may even hit other enemies on the battlefield.

Pet System[]

Early on in the PSP version, the party finds a stray animal, which they take in as a pet. The player can interact with this pet by praising, scolding, observing, or feeding it. Feeding the pet is the most important form of interaction. It allows the pet to briefly participate in combat and causes the pet to occasionally pick up items for the player. Unlike in previous PSP Gagharv titles, Cagesong of the Ocean does not include any actual pet food up for purchase and the game allows the player to feed their pet things like weapons, armor, consumables, and other items found in the game. Feeding the pet weapons causes it to use Pet's Anger at the start of the next battle, which deals damage to all enemies at the start of the next battle. Feeding the pet armor and items causes it to use Pet's Defense at the start of the next battle, which casts a buff on the party. The specific effects of Pet's Anger and Pet's Defense depend on the item fed to the pet.


This takes place in Weltluna, the third realm in Gagharv, seven years after The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermillion and forty-nine years before The Legend of Heroes III: White Witch. It centers around Forte, Una and McBain and their quest to seeking Leone's Resonance Stones.


  • Forte: The protagonist. A village boy from Rakhos Palame living inside of a wrecked ship, that his father has changed into a house. Forte lives together with his parents and his grandfather McBain, and enjoys fishing, playing instruments, and playing with his childhood friend Una. After his parents ask him to, Forte decides to follow his grandfather on a journey to visit all the towns, villages and cities on the continent. He plays the kithara and fights with a sword.
  • Una: The heroine. Forte's childhood friend that lives in Rakhos Palame with her parents. Even though her parents fight a lot, Una is a very happy girl, that often helps out at the local dyestuff factory. Una has liked Forte since the first time she saw him, but lately, these feelings have gotten stronger and stronger. Una wants to confess her love for Forte, but this isn't very easy for her, since Forte seems to be avoiding long conversations when the two of them are alone. She plays the piccolo and fights with a bow.
  • McBain: Forte's grandfather and a veteran troubadour that was very famous a long time ago. Before he gets too old, McBain wants to go on a long journey, to try and collect all of the legendary Resonance Stones that have been scattered around the world by Leone Friedrich Richter. His wish is changed into reality one day, when he finds a magic map displaying all of the stones' current locations. McBain is a man that has many good jokes, and likes young girls more than anything else. He plays the harp and fights with his fists.
  • Jan & Rick: Jan the dog is the fourth main character in Cagesong of the Ocean. A very kind creature who gives food to other hungry animals. Later in the game, Jan gets a new friend, when he meets a desert rat named Rick who rides on his head for the remainder of the story. Jan isn't able to equip weapons or armor, but does a good job in battles anyway.
  • Shao: An old friend of McBain. Plays the accordion. Fights with a hammer.
  • Rachel: Shao's daughter and a vocalist. Throws knives in battle.
  • Altos: A baker who plays the violin. He beats Forte in the Pinzel Recital. Like Forte, Altos also uses a sword. He happens to be the brother of Aria.
  • Aria : A maiden of the Water Tribe. Her song has the power to heal and dispel evil. Fights with a rod. Sister to Altos.
  • Palman: An officer in the Numeros Army. Highly respected by his subordinates. Fights with a spear. He is actually Sir Ektor, prince of the Numeros Empire.
  • Aida: A skilled puppeteer who live in Ecure. She can use her puppets to fight for her in battle, but is also skilled with a spear.
  • Duorl: Prince of Burodain. One of the last of the Water Tribe descendants. Fights with sword and plays a flute. Has the "Time" resonance stone.

Cameo Characters[]

  • Mitchell: A mysterious mage from Tirasweel sometimes referred to as Michel (from "Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch"), where he appears an old man giving a silver dagger to Chris and Jurio for their pilgrimage. In the game, he joins Mile and Avin's party where he calms a storming sea which inspired Thomas (Sailor Thomas back then) to cross the stormy seas that divides El Phildin and Weltluna. Thomas, Michel, Avin and Mile succeed in crossing the storm and first meets the party in town of the Water Tribe.
  • Thomas: First helps your party masquerading as 'Jack Slade' a noble, on Ryutom Island. When Forte and the party meet up with him again, Slade calls himself 'Helon Fred' after the con-man in the book series. However, he is really Captain Thomas from The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermillion and in Weltluna to investigate an unknown phenomenon.
  • Avin: One of the main characters from The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermillion. He helps the gang at a certain point.


  • 'Ms. Rupthya: 'A Lady that established a program against "The Swing Gang". Among the volunteers, the First batch was sent to Gang's headquarters but ended up defeated, The second batch came together with Ms. Rupthya and recovered those who were injured. As the player, you will accompany the McBain company to find the gang. Eventually battling and defeating them, Ms. Rupthya will instead hire them than punishment. She would later join the party in Ryutom Island when the Banquet gets attacked by Pirate Ramon's black dragon, And Some sailors acted tough on her, Slade, who was later known as Thomas, Protected her.. She was flattered and impressed, even mentioning that Slade is a "brave and sure-footed person.."
  • Mayor DeMille: He is the Mayor of Kavaro. When he arrived at Ryutom Island, Over the Casino, you can see him playing the Roulette. He often fights with Ms. Meritos, The President of Meritos Company in Kavaro. He nominated Sid Balthazar, A pianist, to join the audition that will be held on Ryutom Island. Diva Wendy somehow mentioned that Without Mayor DeMille and Ms. Meritos, They couldn't have known what would have happened to Kavaro.
  • Ms. Meritos: President of the Meritos Company in Kavaro. She often fights and argues with Mayor DeMille. She also nominated Diva Wendy to join the audition in Ryutom Island.
  • Diva Wendy: An opera singer from Kavaro whom The McBain Company met at Ryutom Island.She was nominated by Ms.Meritos to join the audition in Ryutom Island.
  • Sid Balthazar: A pianist from Kavaro whom The McBain Company first met at Ryutom Island. He was nominated to join the audition by Mayor DeMille.
  • Argus: A male performer whom The McBain Company met at Ryutom Island. He had dark skin. He performs together with Kachua. They Both came from the same tribe.
  • Kachua: A female dancer whom The McBain Company met at Ryutom Island. She had dark skin. She performs together with Argus. They both came from the same tribe.
  • Rish: A wealthy and ruthless merchant and the owner of Ryutom Island. He held a Party in the Banquet. He collaborated with Pirate King Ramon, playing an act that Ramon had took him and Ambassador Bureger as hostages. He later appears at the end of the game, together with Pirate King Ramon.
  • Emperor Rauzen: Emperor of the Numeros Empire.
  • Bureger: The right-hand man of Commander Zenon. He is also an Ambassador that Collaborated with Rish and Pirate King Ramon.
  • Zenon: The Commander of the Numeros Empire.
  • Necross: Another one of Zenon's allies; specializes in magic.
  • Ramon: King of the Pirates. He has the Black Dragon. He later appears at the end of the game together with Merchant Rish. He was seen leaping with Joy that the world didn't end.
  • Rozet: A puppet master and old friend of McBain. Grandfather of Aida.
  • Shuber: A misunderstood music student at Leone's music institute. He lives at The Hilltop tavern. He rescues his Grandpa from the Swing Gang, because the Swing Gang seeks the Resonance Stone that was given to him personally by Leone. A mischievous student who often pulls pranks at his adviser, throwing bags that make people sneeze.
  • Leone Friedrich Richter: Creator of The Resonance Stones and in which each stone was engraved with musical notes that comprise the Water Melody which is a recreation of the Lost Melody used by the Water Tribe to seal the Harmful Frequencies to the Another World. He now lives in Another World with a silver-haired girl.
  • Queen Merveel: The queen of Another World.
  • Princess Isabelle: Chosen to be the next queen of Another World.
  • Silver-haired girl: The second candidate to become queen of Another World. When Isabelle was chosen as the next queen, Leone hid her with him in the Neverdawn Land so that she will not be in harm's way. Since in Another World they have to kill the other queen candidate once they have chosen one to preserve peace. Her true identity is Gueld, from the "Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch".
  • Revas XIII: The astrologer who serves the Queen but in reality their family is the one that rules Another World being that the queen is just a symbol for its people.
  • Revas XIV: Son of Revas XIII and the one who will serve the future queen.
  • Stigma: Prince Duorl's adviser and the regent of the Kingdom of Burodain. He later becomes the main antagonist in the game. He plans to transfer the Dark Sun to Another World so it will accelerate the growth of the Otherworldly Moon and destroy Another World. His initial motive to destroy Another World is due to his hatred towards the Revas family.

Tuning Fork[]

Throughout Weltluna, there are tuning forks. They are big yellowish forks that Forte can play at. It will teleport you to the transfer zone in The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear Of Vermillion. There are three oracles. In the middle, you can play special scenarios.

  • The oracle to the left you can change scenarios and characters with a saved game. (You must have a The Legend of Heroes: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch or Tear Of Vermillion saved file)
  • At the right you can select characters you already have.
  • You must unlock and meet them in Rakhos Palame, Cathedral or Castle Amedra. To go to the cathedral, you must go exit Rakhos Palame by the North exit. To go to Castle Amedra, you go through the lighthouse. (Top part.)
  • You find characters such as Jurio and short-haired Avin. You can also get Sonomemorys by doing special scenarios.